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Moving overseas

International registers

We offer 3 international registers:

  • International Professional Engineer (IntPE)/APEC Engineers register

  • International Engineering Technologist (IntET)

  • International Engineering Technician (IntETn)

Engineering New Zealand maintains the international engineering registers within New Zealand as part of their role with the International Engineering Alliance (IEA). Registration is available to engineers that are Chartered Members of Engineering New Zealand and meet the required standard.

The perks of being on an international register include:

  • an internationally recognised quality mark

  • enhance your credibility

  • improve your overseas work opportunities

  • streamline overseas membership, registration or licensing processes

  • use of relevant post nominal – IntPE(NZ)/APEC Engineer, IntET(NZ), IntETn(NZ)

Being assessed while overseas

​If you are a current CPEng and intend to move overseas before your next reassessment, keep in mind that as part of the reassessment process you will need to:

  • Provide work samples which show how you have maintained your skills as a professional engineer since your last assessment 

  • evidence that you are still able to practise competently in your current practice area to the standard of a reasonable professional engineer; and

  • how you have addressed and applied any New Zealand-specific regulatory, technological and good practice changes in your field since your last assessment.

  • The assessors will be looking for New Zealand-specific work samples, or that you have demonstrated knowledge of how you would re-work the sample provided in a New Zealand context.

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