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What is CPEng?

What is CPEng?

A Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng) is an experienced engineer who has been assessed as meeting a quality mark of competence. It shows the engineer can deal with complex engineering problems requiring expert technical knowledge. They must be reassessed at least every six years to maintain their CPEng status.​

Although Chartered Professional Engineers need to demonstrate New Zealand-specific technical experience, CPEng is a competency mark with international accreditation.​

‘Chartered Professional Engineer’ is also a protected title, and those holding this title registered with the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers and must adhere to a Code of Ethical Conduct. ​​

Engineering New Zealand is the Registration Authority under the Chartered Professional Engineers New Zealand Act 2002. This means they maintain the register of Chartered Professional Engineers and manage applications and assessments. ​

When working with engineers, it’s a good idea to check their CPEng registration status. Only Chartered Professional Engineers may sign producer statements in New Zealand. If you’re building a home or doing renovations that will require Council consent, it’s a good idea to check our Register to ensure that the engineer working on your property is registered as a current CPEng. ​

CPEng statuses


A Chartered Professional Engineer with current registration has demonstrated current competence and paid their registration fee. They can use the CPEng post nominal and their registration status will show as ‘Current’ on our database.

Not current

A Chartered Professional Engineer whose registration is not current is not allowed to use the CPEng post nominal. Their registration status will show on our database as one of the following:

  • On hold if they have voluntarily requested to be placed on hold. This may be for a career break.

  • In abeyance if they have not paid their annual registration fee.

  • Suspended if they have been suspended by Engineering New Zealand, acting as the Registration Authority. The reason for their suspension will show on our database. Most commonly, this is because they have failed to submit a complete portfolio of reassessment evidence to demonstrate current competence.

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