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Chartership support

Your commitment as a registered CPEng

As a registered CPEng you must commit to the Code of Ethical Conduct. You are also required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of Continued Professional Development (CPD) each year. Your CPD is checked at reassessment and forms a critical part of the evaluation of your continued competence. Detailed CPD requirements can be found on the CPD page and in our application guidance documents on the assessment guidance page. ​

Annual fees and registration certificates

The Registration Authority will send an annual practising certificate to all current Chartered Professional Engineers around the middle of December every year. Certificates are sent electronically. If you require a hard copy, you can request this by emailing us

You must pay your annual fee and be reassessed on time to remain current. There is no additional fee for your reassessment as this is covered by the annual fee which is NZD$506.00 excluding GST.

CPEng statuses


A CPEng with current registration has demonstrated current competence and paid their registration fee. They can use the CPEng post nominal and their registration status will show as ‘Current’ on our database.

Not current

A CPEng whose registration is not current is not allowed to use the CPEng post nominal. Their registration status will show on our database as one of the following:​

  • On hold: A CPEng may choose to place their registration on hold for 12 months at a time. This may be for a career break. Please note, however, that CPEng registrations may not be placed on hold the year that an engineer is due for reassessment. ​

  • In abeyance: If a CPEng has not paid their annual registration fee, their registration will go into abeyance. ​

  • Suspended: The reason for suspension will show on our database. Most commonly, this is due to the applicant failing to submit a complete portfolio of reassessment evidence to demonstrate current competence by the due date given in their notice of reassessment.

Maintaining your CPEng status if you've moved abroad

If you move abroad, it’s important you stay up to date with good practice for professional engineering that is specific to New Zealand. Your application for continued registration will need to demonstrate how you have maintained the currency of your local knowledge. For details on New Zealand specific competencies and tips on what to include in your application, read the Mutual Recognition Assessment guidance for international applicants.

Adding a practice field or registration class to your CPEng

If you'd like to add or change your registered practice field(s), or add a new registration to your CPEng (such as Recognised Engineer for dam safety) you have two options: ​

  1. Apply during your next reassessment by selecting the new field/registration you’d like to be registered in. There is no charge for adding a field during your reassessment. ​

  2. If you don't want to wait until your next reassessment, contact us and we'll open an assessment for you. As this assessment will be out of sync with your usual reassessment, the assessment is charged at the same rate as a Mutual Recognition Assessment. Find details on our fees ​

For both options above, your application must include: ​

  • appropriate CPD records​

  • a completed self-assessment form for the new field(s)

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