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Get Chartered

The mark you set

The gold standard

Establish yourself as an industry leader with a post nominal that shows your level of engineering knowledge. You’ll open yourself up to new career opportunities by showing you’re a credible engineer that values professionalism, ethics and continual learning.

Global mobility

Mutual recognition of your engineering competence can help make it more straightforward to find work overseas – or having your skills recognised here in New Zealand. Gaining Chartership will show your knowledge meets internationally-benchmarked standards.

Job requirement

To get to the next level in your career, Chartership may be a prerequisite. Many authorities and employers require engineers to be Chartered in order to sign off certain work. Provide them with the assurance that you’re competent and one of the best engineers.

Your eligibility

All engineers can become chartered, provided they meet the eligibility requirements. We offer different categories for professional, technologist, technician or geologist

Professional Engineer

Complex engineering problems and activities

Engineering Technologist

Broadly-defined engineering problems and activities

  • Sydney Accord (3 year BEngTech) or equivalence

  • Chartered Member (Eng. Technologist)

  • IntET(NZ)

Engineering Technician

Well-defined engineering problems and activities

  • Dublin Accord (2 year NZDE) or equivalence

  • Chartered Member (Eng. Technician)

  • IntETn(NZ)

Engineering Geologist

Complex engineering geological problems and activities

  • Recognised postgraduate qualification in Engineering Geology

  • Chartered Member (PEngGeol)

Membership or registration?

There are two ways to become Chartered:

  • Through Engineering New Zealand membership as a Chartered Member (CMEngNZ)
    Engineering New Zealand's Chartered Member class provides a general quality mark of professionalism along with all the benefits of membership

  • Through registration as a Chartered Professional Engineer (CPEng)
    CPEng registration provides a mark of current competence based on legislation.


You can be both a Chartered Member and CPEng, or just one.

The assessment process

Stage 1: Eligibility

To be eligible to apply to be a Chartered Professional Engineer, you must have a Washington Accord-accredited qualification (in New Zealand this is an accredited 4-year Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)) or be able to demonstrate equivalent knowledge.

Stage 2: Preparation

It usually takes between four and six years to gain enough experience to be ready to apply for CPEng. To meet the minimum standard for registration, you need to demonstrate that you're able to practice competently in your practice area to the standard of a reasonable professional engineer.

Stage 3: Apply online

Engineering New Zealand carries out first-time Chartered assessments during defined periods throughout the year. The list of applicants in upcoming assessment rounds is published on the Engineering New Zealand website.

Stage 4: Validation

One of our Competence Assessment Advisors will check the information you’ve provided and will aim to give you feedback within 10 working days. They’ll let you know if you need to make any changes before your application is sent to an Assessment Panel.

Stage 5: Evaluation

Once your application is finalised, an assessment panel will be assigned to you. They’ll review your application over 8–10 weeks and as part of this, may meet with you to discuss it as well.

Stage 6: Decision

Your advisor will let you know the proposed outcome of your application. If successful, your name will appear on our Find an engineer public register. If your application is unsuccessful or the CAB made an alternative decision, you'll have the opportunity to respond. 

Fees and charges

Chartered assessment: $1,721.50

Mutual recognition assessment: $1,336.50

Knowledge assessment: $1,295.50 (required if you're applying for Chartered Member and don't have a Washington Accord-accredited qualification or recognised equivalent)

Fast-track knowledge assessment fee: $1,792.50


Annual fee: $560.00


If you join partway through our financial year (1 October – 30 September), we pro-rate the annual fee on a monthly basis. When your membership comes up for renewal on 1 October, we send an invoice for the new financial year.


If you're on a career break or retired, you can request a discounted rate on your annual fee.

Note: all fees exclude GST and are in NZD

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