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CPD requirements

Continued Professional Development (CPD) must be completed to show evidence that you have taken reasonable steps to maintain the currency of your professional engineering knowledge and skills within your current practice area since your last assessment, since graduation, or over the past 6 years.​

Defining acceptable CPD

You need to have completed at least 40 hours of CPD per year, over the past six years or since graduation. If applying for more than one practice field, you will need an additional 15 hours per year of CPD for each additional practice field, per year. ​ If you've been on a career break that we need to know about, please make this clear in the self-assessment area of your application. ​

  • Evidence of learning linked to the application of contemporary knowledge of the engineer’s practice area

  • CPD activities across different categories (we recommend at least 15 hours related to each of their practice fields, a few hours addressing risk management and business processes, courses on professional ethics, cultural competency and then a range of activities across career interests)

  • CPD can be tertiary courses, short courses, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, conferences, technical inspections, and technical meetings that are non-routine and contribute to your development as an engineering professional. Private study and service to the engineering profession can also be counted towards CPD.

  • Where applicable, relevant seminars hosted by a technical group of Engineering New Zealand

Not acceptable
  • 40 hours of ‘on the job reading’

  • 40 hours of ‘mentoring’

CPD areas

A good mix of annual CPD is a requirement. Your CPD activities must demonstrate your new learnings in your practice area.

Recording CPD

We recommend that you record your CPD activities regularly. Set a reminder in your calendar once a month to log any CPD you have done. All CPD activities should be recorded in the member portal. ​


Log in and click on Menu >> Career >> Continuing professional development (CPD) >> Add CPD record. ​


While we would prefer all applicants to use the online portal to upload CPD records, we recognise that some applicants may require a mechanism for bulk CPD uploading. If this is the case, please use the correct template for this and ensure it is properly completed. The spreadsheet must clearly indicate the total number of CPD hours per year and must have learning outcomes completed. Incomplete or messy bulk uploads will not be accepted.  ​

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