About us

The Institution of Professional Engineers is recognised as the Registration Authority for Chartered Professional Engineers (CPEng) under the Chartered Professional Engineers of New Zealand Act (2002). 

We’re governed by a set of CPEng Rules, which set out how we should function. The CPEng Council was also established under the Act to be the statutory oversight body.

To meet our statutory functions under the Act, we have a delegated decision-making structure. This ensures there’s no conflict of interest with IPENZ’s other roles as the membership-based professional body for engineers.

We provide an annual report on our performance to the Chartered Professional Engineers Council.

Read the 2015 Annual Report (2.1MB)

Governing Board

At a governance level, decision-making is the responsibility of the Registration Authority Governing Board.

No member of the governing board of IPENZ or its staff can make decisions on registration or disciplinary matters under the Act.

A separate logo and/or letterhead are always used to show when IPENZ is acting as the Registration Authority.

The Competency Assessment Board’s role

The Competency Assessment Board makes decisions about who is on the Register. These decisions are based on the assessment of an engineer’s competence. The voting members of this Board are appointed because of their expertise in adjudicating the competence standard.

Investigating complaints or inquiries

Investigating or Disciplinary Committees make decisions and orders as a result of complaints or inquiries initiated by the Registration Authority.

Engineers and lay people with relevant expertise are appointed to these roles. The Vice-President has the delegated authority to make specific appointments on particular matters.

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