Issues with an engineer

I have an issue with an engineer – can ​​the Registration Authority help me?

If you've found the engineer listed in the Register search, we can help.

What’s the first step?

We suggest you communicate the issue to the engineer in writing, making your points in a clear and calm way. Include as much relevant detail as you can and set out your specific questions. You might take photographs to illustrate your issue. We recommend keeping a file of relevant material, including any discussions, drawings, emails or letters.

You should make sure the engineer has received your written communication and allow them time to respond – we suggest two weeks. Keep copies of all written communication and make notes of conversations.

My issue was not resolved. What can I do next?

If you have tried directly communicating with your engineer and are not satisfied with the response, you may wish to discuss the matter with our Complaints Service

Can the Registration Authority facilitate a meeting to try and resolve the issue?

We can suggest ways for the issue to be resolved, which might include a facilitation service.

I have an issue with an engineering firm. Can the Registration Authority help me?

The Registration Authority only has jurisdiction over individual engineers. For concerns about companies, get in touch with the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ)

I have an issue with the contract agreed with my engineer/engineering firm. Can Registration Authority help me?

Unfortunately the Registration Authority cannot help with contractual matters. You may be able to resolve the matter through the Disputes Tribunal for compensation amounting to less than $15,000. For disputes dealing with compensation for more than $15,000, you will need to apply to the District Court

How do I know if my engineer’s charges are reasonable?

We advise you ask for a written estimate before engaging your engineer. You may ask another engineer to quote for the work in order to make a comparison. We also advise that you have a contract with your engineer, detailing the amount to be charged and the services to be provided.

Get in touch

Email our Complaints Service or call +64 4 474 8986.