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Find an engineer

How to use the register

To check an engineer’s registration status, go to Engineering New Zealand's Find an engineer tool and type the engineer’s name or registration number in the search box. You will then be shown all of the engineer’s memberships and/or registrations. ​

  • Membership or registration name: Tells you which membership or registration the engineer is registered for. Click on the hyperlinked name to get more information about the registration. ​

  • Practice fields: Gives you an indication of the nature of engineering work carried out by the engineer.

  • CPEng Status: Informs you of the engineer’s CPEng status

  • Notices: If there is a pending complaint or concern raised against the engineer, an ongoing investigation, or an upheld disciplinary action to take note of, there will be ‘yes’ shown in this column. Click on the blue hyperlinked registration name to see information about the Notice. ​ ​​

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